Urgent Care

Direct primary care (DPC) aims to keep patients healthy by providing quick access to your own trusted primary care doctor. This encourages patients to make informed healthcare decisions and seek medical care promptly, including urgent visits when necessary.

Unfortunately, many people have limited access to a primary care physician. This often results in patients turning to urgent care clinics or emergency rooms for primary healthcare services, which can lead to expensive copayments and complicated insurance claims. DPC membership eliminates these problems by making primary healthcare services much more accessible.


DPC members have quick access to a wide range of direct primary care services, including urgent care. Doctor Silva can provide prompt treatment for many common, non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries including:

Colds and Flu
Sore Throats
Urinary Tract Infections
Minor burns
Minor fractures
Sports injuries

Receiving urgent care from your DPC doctor has many advantages. Your DPC doctor already knows you, your medical history, and the conditions you’ve had in the past. They also have easy access to your medical records, allowing them to make tailored recommendations much more effectively than an expedited and rushed visit with a healthcare provider who may not even be a physician.

Joining SilvaCare Direct Primary Care in Fullerton, CA, will provide you with a comprehensive range of primary health care services. In addition to urgent care, you can receive preventive care, health maintenance, and heavily discounted prescription medications from our formulary, as well as direct access to our board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Carlos Silva.

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