Exceptional Employee Healthcare Services at Affordable Prices

In this tight labor market it is difficult to find and retain good employees. One benefit that can help small businesses compete with large corporations is providing medical benefits for their employees.

Given the high cost of conventional healthcare, most small businesses simply cannot afford to provide these benefits. Now there is an affordable quality medical service for small businesses in and around Fullerton and surrounding area. SilvaCare is the answer to this perplexing problem.

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Benefits for the Employer:

Able to recruit and hire more qualified employees

Greater employee retention

Better company morale

Less employee sick leave

Benefits for the Employee:

Greater financial security

Opportunities for preventative medical care

Healthier lifestyle

Fewer sick days

Contracting with SilvaCare provides the same benefits as having a company doctor, including:

65% reduction in emergency room visits

35% reduction in hospitalization visits

43% reduction in hospitalization days

Near 100% reduction in urgent care visits (why use an urgent care when we’re almost always available)

66% reduction in speclalists visits

82% reduction few surgeries