USCIS Immigration Medical Exams

As a Civil Surgeon, Dr. Silva is approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to perform Immigration Physicals and complete the I-693 form for patients applying for ‘adjustment of status’ in the United States. Dr. Silva is fluent in Spanish, for those who want medical services in their native language.

The examinations meet all the requirements developed by the Department of Homeland Security, the CDC, and USCIS. The exam results can then be reported on the required I-693 that you can return to USCIS. The exam and form are required for a Green Card or Permanent Residency.

wellness assessment

$399 Comprehensive Exam Includes:

Required Physical and Mental Exam

Completion of form I-693 with delivery of original and a copy.

Routinely required lab testing such as:

  • a. Gonorrhea
  • b. Syphilis
  • c. TB tests

Vaccination review

  • a. If additional tests or vaccinations are required they can be obtained at a significant discount at the same visit. We also have resources to help our patients get any needed vaccines at NO TO VERY LOW COST!

What you Must Bring:

Government Issued picture ID

Proof of vaccination (vaccine and Immunization records)

Any hospital or clinic records showing proof of treatment

Prior chest x-ray or other diagnostic tests

Any mental health records if care was received


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