SilvaCare DPC

About SilvaCare

We are a Direct Primary Care in Orange County, we provide an improved patient experience with minimal to no wait time through our unique practice model.

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Who We Are

Have you ever been frustrated by waiting forever in a medical waiting room, only to finally be treated by rushed distracted medical personnel? That will never happen at SilvaCare Direct Primary Care Clinic.

    Patient centric is our clinic’s customized priority, and it sets us apart from other medical facilities. Our goal for our members is to provide skilled professional care, immediately when you need it. You will not be part of a crowded mob of patients waiting for hours for medical services, only to be hurried through your actual visit.

    Here at SilvaCare our approach is deliberately patient-centric to ensure that each member receives complete attention and care, in a thorough unhurried manner. If you have questions to ask, if you seek preventative care, if you need specific health treatment, SilvaCare offers the highest quality of personalized medical experience for you.

    Finally, if you value quality healthcare, with caring professionals whose treatment decisions are not dictated by insurance, you need a SilvaCare membership.  

What We Do

SilvaCare is a Direct Primary Care Clinic designed to provide personalized comprehensive medical care to our members. With our membership model, you can expect thorough, unhurried, medical attention for a wide range of services, all under one roof. Get your regular check-ups, diagnostics, and treatments for common illnesses by a skilled medical professional who takes the time to completely focus on YOU and your health.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing you a seamless experience from the start. We provide an interpersonal method of scheduling your virtual or in person visit by text message or by calling us directly. You will be met with a live team member on the line, not an automated voice message with several prompts. Our team wants to make that connection with you from the start. We want to take the stress and financial burden out of healthcare. Come to SilvaCare for the highest quality of professional healthcare at an affordable cost. At SilvaCare, you are treated like family.

Services Offer