School Physicals are Available Everyday

Silvacare offers the convenience of scheduling school and sports physicals on the same day as your appointment.

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School Physicals

You want the best for your children, especially to help them with their academic success in school. But sometimes there are medical conditions or issues that may impact your student’s ability to learn, or to participate fully in school activities.

This is why a school physical can be such a helpful tool for you. A thorough physical for your student can identify previously undiagnosed medical conditions like asthma, diabetes, or vision and hearing problems. If you leave these conditions untreated, they can negatively impact your student’s academic performance and overall well-being. Additionally a school physical can identify any physical limitations or restrictions that may require special accommodations for your student in the classroom or during PE activities.

SilvaCare is proud to offer school physicals for its families. These physicals are medical examinations designed to assess the complete health of your student- to ensure that they are fit to attend school and participate in sports activities.

SilvaCare will give your student a comprehensive school physical.  This includes a review of the student’s medical history, the actual physical exam, and potentially some lab tests. 

Based on the results of the physical exam and medical history review, SilvaCare may recommend further testing or treatment. For example, if a student is found to have vision or hearing problems, SilvaCare may refer them to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment. Or if your student is found to have asthma, medications may be prescribed to help manage their symptoms. 

SilvaCare will typically assess the student’s height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and lung function. We also conduct a thorough exam of the student’s eyes, ears, nose, throat, and abdomen to check for any abnormalities or signs of illness. Additionally, SilvaCare will review the student’s

medical history to identify any past illnesses, injuries, or medical conditions that may impact their current health. 

Schools and sports organizations often require school physicals. By offering school physicals, SilvaCare not only provides your student with its medical benefits, our clinic helps ensure that your child can participate in various school activities safely, with no health risk.

Overall, school physicals are an extremely important way to maintain the health and well-being of your student. SilvaCare is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive school physicals.  Like you, we want to make sure that your student is healthy, able to learn, and ready to succeed.